This book is encouraging, uplifting, thought-provoking, and very much needed for such a time as this. I enjoyed all the poems: Touched on the human emotion, regrets, complexities, realities, resilience, and most of all the Hope, Grace, Mercy, and Love. A few of my favorites are “God’s Grace, Spiritualize and Heavy load.” I enjoyed this poetic journey immensely and will be buying this book for family and friends. Dr. Jayé, your poetry is authentic, transparent, a blessing, and you are a GIFT to society! God bless you!

—Yvonne, Clinton, MD 


The poems featured in He is My High are so relevant to today’s times. It is hard to imagine that some of these poems were written very early in the author’s life. While I love and felt a connection to all the poems, there were a few that touch me deeply, based on my own experiences and personality such as “Powerful.” I personally sometimes have a hard time forgiving in its entirety, but after reading this poem, I will do better! Two others were “Nothing” and “Change.” Not only does the author’s poetry exemplified all the racism and violence going on in the black communities and overall society, it speaks loudly to hope, strength, unity, and change! Dr. Jayé, your poems are AWESOME!

—Joleen, Suitland, MD 7


Dr. Jayé Wood has been and is an inspiration to many. Today’s books call for new ways of thinking, providing support for those that are going through a struggle or just providing insights on things to come. He Is My High does that and more; this collection of poems is perfect for the current times we are experiencing with the many social injustices that are occurring. This book is AMAZING! A definite must-read for all, and I am sure you will find a poem that fits any situation you may be experiencing and or have experienced. Thank you, Dr. Wood for always being willing to share what God has placed on your heart to continue encouraging others.

—Dr. Damita Goods, Vice Provost, Williamsburg, VA


As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You). Dr. Jayé Wood’s book of poems and reflections is powerful, humble, and engaging. A thought-provoking and heartfelt message to the mind, body, and soul. This book is a call to the Remembrance of Divine. While reading, it is as if I made a connection to a kindred spirit. The author’s sincere reflective writings are a gift of insight for the individual, the collective human soul, a oneness that God intended. A daily read and time for sober reflection. It pulsates with God’s given energy, love, and devotion. I SALUTE the author for sharing her poetic genius that seeks to unite a society versus separate! Thank You! Dr. Jayé. BIG PEACE!

—Albert Sabir, Executive Director, Non-Profit Human Development, Washington, DC


He Is My High is a moving collection of poetic stories that has warm, funny, passion-filled, current events and nostalgic moments that moved my soul. The poem “Powerful” resonates with me deeply, as it is my present, past, and continual journey so much so that I have AGAPE tattooed in the body of my butterfly. “Heavy Load”—just WOW! Read it three times! “The Dawning” is my favorite. August 18, 2007 marks the day that I lost my first love, the best dad my children could have ever been blessed with. He was 31, on his way back to us when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver just two blocks from the house. This poem let me know that even in the darkest of moments, be steadfast in knowing that God will sustain you in the deep, cold, windy darkness of the valley. Just as He will guide your steps on the daunting yet beautiful journey to the mountaintop. Thank you, Dr. Jayé, May God Bless and keep you on your journey!

—Cookie, Clinton, MD


My husband and I had the pleasure and honor to attend a book reading: He Is My High, Dr. Jayé gloriously MAGNIFICENT. Awe-inspiring and relevant to today’s human experience. The poetic voice of the author as she read the poems and narrations conjured up feelings of joy, hopefulness, and tears: A Brilliant work which speaks to the depths of humanity. It inspires us to nourish our spirits and provides a blueprint for developing the self-as assurance to endure hardships, overcome adversities, and resist the noise of negative temptations. It also reminds us to be grateful, never to lose sight of the God-given light within us, grounds us, and validates who we really are, “God’s precious children.” This book is a MUST READ! Thank you for sharing your talents and loving spirit!

—Dennis and Pat Millsboro, Sussex County, DE


Dr. Jayé, your poems are inspiring and uplifting. They give a voice to many of the struggles and challenges we face today, reminding us that there is a higher power that we can turn to for hope and relief! I so needed to read your work! My life has been ENRICHED by your poetry! A call for love and unity pervades throughout your poetry. I will buy/gift this book to others! Thank You!

—Joyce, Washington, DC


I am an Eritrean-American who had the pleasured and honor to participate in a curbside read of this book. Immediately, upon opening the book, my fellow doctor and I could not stop reading these electrifying poems. The author’s ability to touch humanity and keep it alive through her poetry is AMAZING! A generous gift to people of all different levels of society. The author’s poetry is not only very relevant but also so vibrant, colorful, edifying, insightful, thought-provoking, well-written, and easy to read. I love them all! Just to mention a few: Imagine That, God Don’t Like Ugly and Stop the Hate! I am gifting this book to my team for inspiration during these trying times. We will recite a poem from He Is My High! Clearly, the author demonstrates through her poetry a heart touching of all stages of society, as well as nature that is really needed and in great demand in our communities. Dr. Jayé, A Blessing you are! Much applause!

—Dr. Debretsion, Fairfax, VA (licensed veterinarian)


I really enjoyed reading this book: I relate to these poems and like that they speak to what’s going on in the world today with the current civil unrest. One of my favorites, “The Dawning,” gives me a smile when I think of my deceased grandfather. “Nothing” makes me know the importance: See something (injustice), Say something and I will! GREAT book to read anytime/anywhere!

—Jade (16 years old), Upper Marlboro, MD


I love these poems so much! While reading I often shouted Hallelujah and Amen! The author’s poetry is such a source of strength, inspiration, and wisdom! If one’s heart ever needs uplifting, these will be the poetic words of life to you. God gave this author a mighty platform to teach, guide, and inspire others through her poetry. Dr. Jayé you are a Great Woman of God! Thank you for this spiritual journey!

 —Pastor Steele, Clinton, MD


This book has a MAGICAL effect on me. “How Sexy,” I felt this one! It’s so me. I enjoy the aging process: Know who you are, what you like and don’t like. “A Smile” (a simple smile can make someone’s day), “Nothing” and “Powerful!” A book to read again and again!

—Linda, Largo, MD


Dr. Jayé Wood, renowned cultural leader, life coach, and social influencer is a lyrical beacon of light who employs her poetry to cast rays of wisdom and life lessons to all. This book is awesome… CONGRATULATIONS! As I retreated into this great compilation of poetic artistry, He Is My High, I visualized myself as a character in many of the narratives! I loved the emotional expedition, in reading all the poems to include “Rubber Band” and “Spiritualized.” In this simplistic presentation, I encountered extraordinary revelations about the uniqueness of life and the power of the human experience. I most certainly enjoyed reading this wonderful book and believe you will too! Thank you, Dr. Jayé, for summarizing your collective soul experiences into a tangible, creative, transcending message for such time as this: Equality and Justice for all!

—Latarsha Jones-Dixon, Doctor of Law, Baltimore MD