We are always being guided. The Spirit is always speaking. Yet, far too often, we do not take the time to listen.

In Spiritual Whispers by Bestselling Author Dr. Jayé Wood, we get an intimate glimpse of the author’s conversations with, to, and about God. This captivating collection of poems will take you—regardless of your nationality, faith, gender, or sexual orientation—on an inspirational journey. With emotion you can feel seeping through the pages, Dr. Jayé uses the life lessons she has learned thus far to provide a path through both love and loss that will bolster your hopefulness in yourself and humanity.

Divided into three parts, the themes of unity, equality, grace, kindness, gratitude, self-acceptance, and respect for all people permeate this powerful compilation of prose. Dr. Jayé has summoned empathy, experience, knowledge, and wisdom to teach us how to overcome, stand strong, and let God do what He does best.


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