Bestselling Author Dr. Jayé Wood worked in higher education as a dean and professor in organizational leadership, psychology, and criminal justice. She served as a liaison for the superior court, federal bureau of prisons, corporation counsel and attorneys. During this time, she developed and implemented the first electronic monitoring program for ex-offenders in a large metropolitan area. She also served as coordinator and administrator for halfway houses, served as a deputy warden, and assistance director for correctional training. Likewise, she served as an Acting General Assistance to a former mayor. Dr. Wood is the founder and CEO of a training company, a motivational speaker, and presenter. Because she grew up in the ghetto with no mentors, her achievements astound many people, as she has defied all odds.

Dr. Wood is a highly energetic, educated, motivated, and positive person who continues to make a difference in the lives of all who have the privilege to be in her presence! She remains passionate about education and believes that equal education for all is essential to turning dreams into reality.

In her spare time, Dr. Wood enjoys nature, walking with her dog, fishing, reading and advocating for homeless rescue animals. She has authored five books and is now working on her sixth book.