Spiritual Whispers

What a blessed opportunity to listen to Dr. Jayé’s very strong, confident, and AMAZING poetic voice that exudes God’s love throughout her book SPIRITUAL WHISPERS! How BEAUTIFUL! We love her! POWERFUL, INVIGORATING, and ENLIGHTENING were the words as she read through each poem. Dr. Jayé’s poetic literacy when she speaks, without pushing or forcing, invites us all to experience this walk of faith, trust, and hope while sharing of her life’s knowledge in such a unique, profound, and masterful poetic manner. Subsequently, one is able to quickly experience God’s presence through her! I know we did! So deep are Dr. Jayé’s poetic words with such simplicity that allows all to participate, evolve, and be inspired to rise above the rubble as she so eloquently speaks throughout her poetry.

Dr. Jayé, you are a right on time poetic blessing delivering a message of kindness, caring, compassion, respect, and unity with equality for all God’s beings. We are still shouting, “Hallelujah, amen, and to God be the glory” for you! May God continue to guide and bless you to stay on this much-needed journey of HOPEFULNESS, teaching us that whether or not we are in the valley or a mountain, there must be an appreciation for them both in order that we might grow with appreciation to thy mighty God for each moment of each day, regardless of any challenges we may encounter. As Dr. Jayé makes clear throughout her poetry, God’s light is always present. Just Let Him! Dr. Jayé, thank you for sharing your Godly poetic gift!

—Overseer/Pastor Javonn Bright, Co-Pastor Bryana Bright, Greater Gilgal Revival Center; Marietta, Georgia


Dr. Jayé Wood’s book, Spiritual Whispers, touches on the most fundamental aspects of us as human beings—who are we, what is our purpose on this earth, and should we attain our goals at any cost to our fellow man or woman? As Dr. Jayé so POWERFULLY and articulately read the poems in this book, each poem spoke to my heart and emphasized what it means to be a good citizen in this world that is awash in chaos and controversy. As a person who travels and has family in other parts of the world, I thought Spiritual Whispers was speaking to Kenyans, where I originally come from, or Mexicans, where I have had the privilege of traveling. And surely it speaks to Americans and the overall world. Yes, Dr. Jayé is talking to all of us human beings as her MIGHTY poetic voice echoes: We are all the same irrespective of nationality, income level, race, or other factors. Life has its ups and downs, but we must be guided by compassion, family, fellowship, humility, and forgiveness. We are all one, and we should respect our fellow human beings irrespective of race or nationality.

Dr. Jayé has always inspired me and so many others through her writings, spoken words, integrity, and selflessness. My life is more prosperous by having known her, and Spiritual Whispers sums up who she is—a poet of ministry!

—Maina Muturi, Retired Economics Professor, Strayer University; Herndon, Virginia


I had the opportunity to attend a Zoom book reading of Dr. Jayé Wood’s book, Spiritual Whispers. WOW! At the sound of Dr. Jayé’s POWERFUL, poetic voice, I was immediately mesmerized and lifted spiritually! I believe that God created everyone as a unique gift as is obvious in the poetic words of Dr. Jayé as she shares, encourages, motivates, and inspires all of humanity to be kind and respectful of each other regardless of our differences!

In my experience, literature is often about the physical world; only a few people write about spiritual or metaphysical subjects. I greatly appreciate and applaud Dr. Jayé for taking the challenge to write about this abstract subject; thus, writing a GREAT poetry book for the elevation of people everywhere. This book is so needed during these challenging and chaotic times! Yes, I greatly enjoyed the book reading session and received something positive from all of the poems. Some of my favorite’s that caused me to have an immediate revelation were:

“DIVINE WILL,” “RIGHT,” “ONLY YOU,” “PLAY ON,” “TRASH,” “DADDY,” and “DEHYDRATED,” Dr. Jayé’s poetry is so unique and straightforward that if an individual just took a moment or so, even if in their leisure time, that person will find themselves a refined personality. The poetic views of Dr. Jayé are so inspiring that one feels uplifted listening to the radiance and richness of her voice as she reads these poems.

Dr. Jayé, thank you and may God bless your health with a prosperous future so that your writings continue to show a right path to us all, including the young generations.

—Amrik Singh Nagi; Accokeek, Maryland (born in Punjab, India)


Spiritual Whispers is a complication of poems meticulously created from the inner depths and soul of its author, Dr. Jayé Wood. Her poems touch people from all walks of life without any restrictions on age. Each chapter is full of INSIGHTFUL and thought-provoking poems that are guaranteed to strike up stimulating conversations relating to what we simply call life. The three parts of this book are building blocks that give one a taste and prepare us for a smorgasbord of literary fulfillment.

For example, in part one, the author’s ELOQUENT and STRONG poetic voice quickly draws you in with an immediate connection and revelation of one’s own life experiences in “BUTTERFLY TIME.” “SIGNATURE” speaks to how God places a stamp on our lives from the very beginning to let us know we belong to Him and are covered in His protective care. “TRASH” speaks on the negativity we allow to infiltrate our lives, leaving a path of emotional and spiritual destruction. Then, Dr. Jayé effortlessly and with much poetic grace moves into part two which is comprised of encouragement to move past the hurt, overcome the enemy within, and let go of all your issues. Primarily, without pushing or demanding, Dr. Jayé is sharing and teaching how to overcome, stand strong, and let God do what He does best. Dr. Jayé finishes with part three, the finality of this FASCINATING trilogy, which focuses on inner strength, faith, and being a child of God. As her lovely poetic voice continued with ease and confidence, I was once again touched by all the poems like “DADDY,” which is a favorite of mine. “I BELIEVE” and “ALIKE” caused a spiritual whisper to speak directly to me!

Dr. Jayé has done an EXTRAORDINARY job of CAPTIVATING her readers and challenging them without pushing anyone who may need to sometimes stop, pause, and maybe even ponder how they are living their life and if indeed it is consistent with their faith and belief in God! What a holy revelation this poetic reading has been for me! Dr. Jayé’s poetry fills you but keeps you wanting more! THANK YOU!

—Anita M. Riley, Venue Manager, The American Legion Towson University Post #22; Baltimore, Maryland


It was a pleasure hearing Dr. Jayé read from her book, Spiritual Whispers. The POWER of her poetic voice grabs at your heart strings and speaks to your spirit saying the words that you need to hear. “Hope starts with you . . . and is contagious,” “Witness the beauty of another’s glow,” and “Life is who you are” are just a few of the passages that resonated with me. It’s a very good read and is ideal for anyone! Yes, the universality of Dr. Jayé’s poetry is AMAZING!

—Yvette Mulkey, Communications Representative, Camp Springs, Maryland


Dr. Jayé Wood’s book, Spiritual Whispers, is a REMARKABLE collection of poems with a string of POWERFUL messages of HOPE and humanity! As she read through the poems, her poetic voice was STRONG yet echoed compassion, experience, and knowledge with much wisdom which captured my immediate attention and caused me to reflect on my own life, to include the diversity of people that I see every day and how my staff and I could service them even better!

Thus, all of her poems caused me to have immediate revelations, reminding me that we are truly one! When she read “BUTTERFLY TIME,” it spoke directly to me as it recapped how fleeting time is, how precious time could be, and how we take time for granted and waste it! Dr. Jayé, you are indeed an unexpected poetic blessing who is much-needed today!

—Dr. Ijeepomu Nwuju, Foot Specialist; Washington, D. C


As a young woman in my 20s, Dr. Jayé Wood’s poetry has aspired and motivated me to be a better person as it relates to always showing respect and being kind to others, which includes family, regardless of difference. I am blessed to have met Dr. Jayé, who has a very UPLIFTING soul, and I take pride in being chosen to share my thoughts about this AMAZING poet. When in doubt, Dr. Jayé’s words remind me to keep going no matter what obstacle comes across my path.

Dr. Jayé, what a blessing you are to all humanity!

—Christina Calica, Veterinarian Assistant; Waldorf, Maryland


What a book of INSPIRATION! The soft yet powerful words of love, kindness, resilience, perseverance, hope, belief, and faith that echoed throughout Dr. Jayé’s POWERFUL poetic voice as she read her poems, such as “LIFE” and “I BELIEVE” have allowed me the gratification of remembering who I am in this lifetime. Spiritual Whispers is something new and refreshing for both the young and seasoned.

Dr. Jayé, thank you! We are all blessed by your gift of poetry in reality. Dr. Jayé, you are JUST WONDERFUL!

—DvaStyl; Hollywood, Maryland


I had the pleasure and was likewise HONORED to participate in a reading of Dr. Jayé Wood’s book, Spiritual Whispers. It was just REMARKABLE! I took a slice from each poem to make my own personal pie. In other words, each of the poems spiritually whispered to my spirit to strive to be the most spiritual and kind person I can be regardless of what I go through. I am glad to have had the opportunity to share this lovely poetic gift as Dr. Jayé so eloquently read each poem.

Thank you, Dr. Jayé for your Spiritual Whispers. Amen!

—C. M. Smith, Retired, Virginia Import Ltd; Springfield, Virginia


Dr. Jayé, your book, Spiritual Whispers, touches the soul and gives one a POSITIVE sense of what we can hear and receive when we take the time to listen to God’s whispers. Your poems are extremely MOTIVATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL! As I read your heartfelt poems, I found myself in a warm, serene place while at the same time realizing that many of these poems related to the whispering of my spirit. They opened a contact to the realm of my soul and elevated me to a higher place of strength causing me to reflect on a time when several of my family members were transiting from this life to the next. Also, the threads of your poetry so eloquently speak to enjoying and appreciating not only each day, but every minute. Likewise, providing hope and encouragement for all people regardless of their differences (including religions, opinions, etc.,) which is greatly needed during these very challenging times. You are truly a gift. Whether one has ever read poetry or not, there is something in this book for everyone—young and older. Your poetry is easy to read and beautifully laid out. Thus, upon opening the book, one immediately feels the spirituality of your poetry.

Dr. Jayé you are a treasure, teacher, and preacher of poetic ministry! Praise God, for you are a blessing!

—Founder Rev. Betty L. Steal, Love Fellowship Christian Ministries; Clinton, Maryland


Dr. Jayé Wood immediately captured my attention with her strong yet GRACEFUL poetic voice as she read from her book, Spiritual Whispers. While I enjoyed all the poems, some such as “DEAR GOD,” “SAY WHAT,” “JUDGEMENTALITY,” and “THE STORM” are very relatable, particularly to my own life. An INSPIRING message of authenticity pervades throughout her poetry! It is as if Dr. Jayé is providing a form of spiritual direction for all humanity during these sometimes-catastrophic times. Ultimately, as she read her poetry, the words seemed to say, “Trust in God and things will always work out!”

Dr. Jayé is without a doubt a motivator, master educator, and surely a poetic minister! Yes, Dr. Jayé, you are a GIFT of a BLESSING to many, which includes me, and I thank you!

—D. Novel, Transdermal Operator; Brooklyn, New York


I had the HONOR of participating in a reading of Dr. Jayé Wood’s book, Spiritual Whispers, and her ability to INSPIRE others, both young and old, through her poetry is an AMAZING GRACE! Her poetic voice has a calmness and simplicity; thus, one has no hesitation when trying to figure out the author’s meanings. Instead, her words are very clear and easy to comprehend! It was a talent that I have never experienced before from any poetic reading, and it allowed myself and others to not only stay focused on Dr. Jayé’s poetic message but quickly grasp and revisit our own life experiences of highs and lows. For example, poems like “SHADOWBOXING” spoke to me directly and reminded me of my younger self—relentless, clueless, and fearless. “TRASH” encourages one to rise above the toxicity of haters, naysayers, jealousy, and envy and teaches acceptance of diversities by encouraging equality and equity for all God’s people!

I truly enjoyed Dr. Jayé’s poetic reading and was in awe at how these poems really hit home for me. Overall, these poems motivate one to do better while instantaneously uplifting their self-esteem. Likewise, permeated throughout Dr. Jayé’s POWERFUL POETRY is her warm and engaging poetic voice which encourages finding acceptance in self, smiling through the pain, and aspiring an elevation of self while simultaneously lifting others and always letting God in.

Dr. Jayé, may you continue this holy journey with peace, love, and blessings always! Thank you and much praise!

–Mak Massillon, Vice-President and Financial Advisor, Truist Investment Services; Silver Spring, Maryland


I am truly HONORED that Dr. Jayé Wood allowed me to participate in her book reading of Spiritual Whispers. Unequivocally, it was a MASTERCLASS! In other words, during Dr. Jayé’s poetic reading, her ability to capture everyone’s attention as she expertly taught through her poetic penning with such skillfulness as she reads each poem was masterful! This coupled with the etchings of her graceful yet very POWERFUL poetic voice was ASTONISHING! It left an imprint on my mind that still resonates profoundly long after the reading! I truly enjoyed all the poems which personified a common thread to society and all its challenges today with advice, suggestions, and directions for improving one’s life. Just to name a few of the BRILLIANT poems read by Dr. Jayé, “JOY” spoke directly to me as it relates to hearing and listening to the spiritual whispers and living your dreams. “SHADOWBOXING” spoke of not just looking at the shadow in the mirror but having the courage to look beyond it, and “FALSE FACE” addressed judging others while faking a good life!

Dr. Jayé, THANK YOU for imparting some of your wisdom to hopefully inspire and motivate others to grow beyond their status quo and become the unique gift God created them to be! What an AMAZING POETIC GIFT God has given you! I cannot wait to see where the next chapter in your life takes you! Wishing you much future success in all you do with God’s vision of the gift He has bestowed upon you!

—James E. Smith, ABC News Engineer; Washington, D.C.


Spiritual Whispers reads like a personal narrative. It’s as if Dr. Jayé Wood’s soul flows through the pages of this book so I could fully understand and appreciate all the complexities of life. From putting on a “FALSE FACE” in one poem to learning about “JOY” in another to simply defining what it means to be “FOOT SOLDIERS,” Dr. Jayé’s poems are AUTHENTIC, AMAZING, and BEAUTIFUL. They will surely aid those needing to know what it means to find a spiritual and mental sense of self, particularly during today’s intricate times, and hopefully encourage us all to stay on the “right path” as Dr. Jayé so eloquently and poetically puts it!

Thank you, Dr. Jayé, for sharing this lovely SPIRITUAL GIFT of INSPIRATION for all humanity!

—Anita Stewart-Hammerer M.S., Commander, The American Legion Towson University Post #22; Baltimore, Maryland


Dr. Jayé Wood writes poetry for everyone! She embraces and encourages equity and equality for all people, regardless of differences, throughout her poetry. Such a UNIQUE POETIC VOICE! The simplicity yet profoundness of Dr. Jaye’s poetry allows all to engage, enjoy, grow, and inspire others to do the same! I truly enjoyed all of the poems! “LOOKING GOOD” highlighted that when one feels good on the inside, they not only look good, but they can bring a needed smile to another. “TRASH” spoke to moving above the debris in order to birth our dreams. “FLIP” talked about flipping the script in one’s own life, much like a light switch. Then, “PLAY ON,” wow! I can still hear the strength and wisdom of Dr. Jaye’s POWERFUL poetic voice saying, “. . . this play is—yours…” Simply MESMERIZING! Dr. Jayé, may God allow you to continue this journey of sharing realistic poetry to motivate and lift others not only to rise above today’s rubble and injustices, but to appreciate His light which surely shines through you. CONGRATULATIONS and well done! Thank you!

—Al Bratton, Tax & Business Strategies, PC Attorney/CPA; Largo, Maryland

He Is My High


This book is encouraging, uplifting, thought-provoking, and very much needed for such a time as this. I enjoyed all the poems: Touched on the human emotion, regrets, complexities, realities, resilience, and most of all the Hope, Grace, Mercy, and Love. A few of my favorites are “God’s Grace, Spiritualize and Heavy load.” I enjoyed this poetic journey immensely and will be buying this book for family and friends. Dr. Jayé, your poetry is authentic, transparent, a blessing, and you are a GIFT to society! God bless you!

—Yvonne, Clinton, MD 


The poems featured in He is My High are so relevant to today’s times. It is hard to imagine that some of these poems were written very early in the author’s life. While I love and felt a connection to all the poems, there were a few that touch me deeply, based on my own experiences and personality such as “Powerful.” I personally sometimes have a hard time forgiving in its entirety, but after reading this poem, I will do better! Two others were “Nothing” and “Change.” Not only does the author’s poetry exemplified all the racism and violence going on in the black communities and overall society, it speaks loudly to hope, strength, unity, and change! Dr. Jayé, your poems are AWESOME!

—Joleen, Suitland, MD 7


Dr. Jayé Wood has been and is an inspiration to many. Today’s books call for new ways of thinking, providing support for those that are going through a struggle or just providing insights on things to come. He Is My High does that and more; this collection of poems is perfect for the current times we are experiencing with the many social injustices that are occurring. This book is AMAZING! A definite must-read for all, and I am sure you will find a poem that fits any situation you may be experiencing and or have experienced. Thank you, Dr. Wood for always being willing to share what God has placed on your heart to continue encouraging others.

—Dr. Damita Goods, Vice Provost, Williamsburg, VA


As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You). Dr. Jayé Wood’s book of poems and reflections is powerful, humble, and engaging. A thought-provoking and heartfelt message to the mind, body, and soul. This book is a call to the Remembrance of Divine. While reading, it is as if I made a connection to a kindred spirit. The author’s sincere reflective writings are a gift of insight for the individual, the collective human soul, a oneness that God intended. A daily read and time for sober reflection. It pulsates with God’s given energy, love, and devotion. I SALUTE the author for sharing her poetic genius that seeks to unite a society versus separate! Thank You! Dr. Jayé. BIG PEACE!

—Albert Sabir, Executive Director, Non-Profit Human Development, Washington, DC


He Is My High is a moving collection of poetic stories that has warm, funny, passion-filled, current events and nostalgic moments that moved my soul. The poem “Powerful” resonates with me deeply, as it is my present, past, and continual journey so much so that I have AGAPE tattooed in the body of my butterfly. “Heavy Load”—just WOW! Read it three times! “The Dawning” is my favorite. August 18, 2007 marks the day that I lost my first love, the best dad my children could have ever been blessed with. He was 31, on his way back to us when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver just two blocks from the house. This poem let me know that even in the darkest of moments, be steadfast in knowing that God will sustain you in the deep, cold, windy darkness of the valley. Just as He will guide your steps on the daunting yet beautiful journey to the mountaintop. Thank you, Dr. Jayé, May God Bless and keep you on your journey!

—Cookie, Clinton, MD


My husband and I had the pleasure and honor to attend a book reading: He Is My High, Dr. Jayé gloriously MAGNIFICENT. Awe-inspiring and relevant to today’s human experience. The poetic voice of the author as she read the poems and narrations conjured up feelings of joy, hopefulness, and tears: A Brilliant work which speaks to the depths of humanity. It inspires us to nourish our spirits and provides a blueprint for developing the self-as assurance to endure hardships, overcome adversities, and resist the noise of negative temptations. It also reminds us to be grateful, never to lose sight of the God-given light within us, grounds us, and validates who we really are, “God’s precious children.” This book is a MUST READ! Thank you for sharing your talents and loving spirit!

—Dennis and Pat Millsboro, Sussex County, DE


Dr. Jayé, your poems are inspiring and uplifting. They give a voice to many of the struggles and challenges we face today, reminding us that there is a higher power that we can turn to for hope and relief! I so needed to read your work! My life has been ENRICHED by your poetry! A call for love and unity pervades throughout your poetry. I will buy/gift this book to others! Thank You!

—Joyce, Washington, DC


I am an Eritrean-American who had the pleasured and honor to participate in a curbside read of this book. Immediately, upon opening the book, my fellow doctor and I could not stop reading these electrifying poems. The author’s ability to touch humanity and keep it alive through her poetry is AMAZING! A generous gift to people of all different levels of society. The author’s poetry is not only very relevant but also so vibrant, colorful, edifying, insightful, thought-provoking, well-written, and easy to read. I love them all! Just to mention a few: Imagine That, God Don’t Like Ugly and Stop the Hate! I am gifting this book to my team for inspiration during these trying times. We will recite a poem from He Is My High! Clearly, the author demonstrates through her poetry a heart touching of all stages of society, as well as nature that is really needed and in great demand in our communities. Dr. Jayé, A Blessing you are! Much applause!

—Dr. Debretsion, Fairfax, VA (licensed veterinarian)


I really enjoyed reading this book: I relate to these poems and like that they speak to what’s going on in the world today with the current civil unrest. One of my favorites, “The Dawning,” gives me a smile when I think of my deceased grandfather. “Nothing” makes me know the importance: See something (injustice), Say something and I will! GREAT book to read anytime/anywhere!

—Jade (16 years old), Upper Marlboro, MD


I love these poems so much! While reading I often shouted Hallelujah and Amen! The author’s poetry is such a source of strength, inspiration, and wisdom! If one’s heart ever needs uplifting, these will be the poetic words of life to you. God gave this author a mighty platform to teach, guide, and inspire others through her poetry. Dr. Jayé you are a Great Woman of God! Thank you for this spiritual journey!

 —Pastor Steele, Clinton, MD


This book has a MAGICAL effect on me. “How Sexy,” I felt this one! It’s so me. I enjoy the aging process: Know who you are, what you like and don’t like. “A Smile” (a simple smile can make someone’s day), “Nothing” and “Powerful!” A book to read again and again!

—Linda, Largo, MD


Dr. Jayé Wood, renowned cultural leader, life coach, and social influencer is a lyrical beacon of light who employs her poetry to cast rays of wisdom and life lessons to all. This book is awesome… CONGRATULATIONS! As I retreated into this great compilation of poetic artistry, He Is My High, I visualized myself as a character in many of the narratives! I loved the emotional expedition, in reading all the poems to include “Rubber Band” and “Spiritualized.” In this simplistic presentation, I encountered extraordinary revelations about the uniqueness of life and the power of the human experience. I most certainly enjoyed reading this wonderful book and believe you will too! Thank you, Dr. Jayé, for summarizing your collective soul experiences into a tangible, creative, transcending message for such time as this: Equality and Justice for all!

—Latarsha Jones-Dixon, Doctor of Law, Baltimore MD